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"In the beginning was the Word (Logos)." John 1:1

Welcome Home to a 1st Century Christian Orthodox Church

Equipping the Saints: Dividing the Word Correctly...Effective and Fervent Prayer...How to Hear God's Word in Your Life...Developing Your Calling....Worship...Reaching the Lost...Revealing Hidden Manna...Spiritual Growth...Missions to Africa...H.E.A.T....and Veterans and Rainbow Family Outreach...

"And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues" (Mr 16:17, KJV).

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Ocala 2015 Gathering

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Sermons by Dr. Chris Ward

PowerPoints are not included with the video tape after 10.20.2015

.. Books by Pastor Chris Ward . .

One Love Over the Rainbow: by Nick Ward

Videos and Insights by Pastor Chris:

Tribute to Pastor Chris Tribute to Pastor Chris

Kat Kerr: Homosexuality--The True Image of Man

Healing and Deliverance

Next Meeting Saturday, October 3, 2015 at 10 AM

Call 352-638-0909 if you need an appointment!

8839 C. R. 44, Leesburg, Fl 34788 (MAP)

Healing and Deliverance

Our Statements of Faith

Apostles Creed Didache
Ephesians 3:14 Lord's Prayer
Matthew Chapter 25 Logos Theology
Prayer of Manasses Shema
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Veteran & RainbowMinistries

What will happen Ocala 2014? Logos will always be there. So if you have a group and you get stranded in the Ocala this year give us a call at 352-638-0909!

Ocala 2015 Gathering

Jesus Camp

To the Families of our Veterans & Hippies:

Our Committment: It is our mission to love and care for your wandering children in the name of Jesus. We provide food, clothing, blankets, camp equipment, medicine, dental care and spiritual advice. We have prayed for them when they are lost and alone, hungry and sick, stoned and high, and angry and hostile. Some of your children actually hate us. We love them back. We have seen the Lord raise them from the dead, heal them of snake bite, heal them from gun shot wounds, and deliver them from the police. We have had the privilege to lead them to Christ, baptize them, train them in the Word (Bible), raise them up in ministry and even ordain them. Thank you for your children. It has been our honor to serve them and supply their needs because Jesus Kicks Down Phat! This year we will celebrate over 14 years on ministry to your children.

Jesus Loves You Kitchern Baptisms of the faithful!

Brother Coop, 3rd center, passed September 2011


Anna's Kitchen 2004: Best Kitchen EVER!

We are not the Rainbow Family. We simply minister to those in need.

We are the sons of God. That is our family.

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Secrets of Rainbow Ministry

C.A.L.M. Rainbow Family of Living Light
Religious Tolerance? The Church People, Who are We?
Welcome Home Message! You're Invited!

The Phat News of Mark Free Online Edition

The Gospel of Mark (Adapted from the KJV) to Hippie, Goth, and Gutter Punk terminology.

The Hippie Gospel and Commentary

By 2 Hawks

How to Bring Jesus to the Veteran and Rainbow Culture

As seen in Charisma Magazine November, 2001

Dennis bringing water into the back door of the camp.

Missions Directory


Help Educate African Tribes

 Help Educate African Tribes

Missions Around the World!

 Food Bank  GSST Bible College
 Lavengamalie College H.E.A.T.
 Melbourne Outreach  Kenya
 Tonga South Pacific  Leesburg Bible College
Viet Nam Veterans Ministry  Renaissance Fairs
Turkey Feather Trading Post Turkey Feather Trading Post

Food Bank

Logos Food Bank: Terri Shaut Manager

Music Ministry

Vaness and Nick, Thom and Chelsea

 Nick Ward  Worship Teams
Jesus What A Wonder You Are Peace All Around

Secrets of the Bible

Deliverance, Exorcisms, Angels, Female Angels, Devils, Demons,

Fallen Angels, Incubus, Succubus, Hateful Birds,

Spirits, Unclean Spirits, Hosts of Heaven,

and the Mysteries of the Bible

How to Stop a Demonic Attack

Angels Censored the Bible? Angelic Ranking
Can a Christian Be Demon Possessed? Catholic Exorcism
Catholic vs Christian Exorcism Deliverance Meetings
Exorcism Father Malachi Martin
Power Point: Pulling Down Giants Garden of Eden
How to Stop a Demonic Attack How to Remove a Demon
Jinn and Jinnees Nostradamus
Origin of Demons Real Audio Sound Byte of a Deliverance
Roman Ritual Exorcism School of Exorcism
The Learning Channel Interview The Exorcist Files
The Interview by Forest Sawyer Application for Deliverance

Application for Exorcism

UFO Watch

UFOs, USOs, Close Encounters, Alien Abductions, Ufology,

Full Disclosure, and the Paranormal Outreach Team.

"The Holy Spirit has shown me that the UFO 'Full Disclosure' will not be revealed until the true church is harpazoed out before the wrath of God." Dr. Chris Ward

"And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect's sake those days will be shortened" ("Mt 24:22 NKJV).

Recently Released by Mexican Authorities

(Proof of Aliens [Fallen Watchers] in Central America)

Kat Kerr


Nephilim: Easiest Breakdown of Nephilim & Nephilim Hybrid Skulls on the Internet

Galactic Federation of Light

Warning Part 1

Warning Part II

Warning Part III

"They sacrificed unto devils, not to God; to gods (aliens/fallen angels) whom they knew not, to new gods (aliens) that came newly up, whom your fathers feared not."

(Deuteronomy 32:17, KJV)

"God standeth in the congregation of the mighty; he judgeth among the gods (aliens/fallen angels)."

Psalm 82:1, KJV

"Among the gods (aliens/fallen angels) there is none like unto thee, O Lord; neither are there any works like unto thy works."

Psalm 86: 8, KJV

Do not be afraid or be shaken by that which is about to come on the world!

Full UFO Disclosure is just around the corner! This is your next false flag!

"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind" (2 Timothy 1:7, KJV).

Chuck Missler: Do UFO Exist?

How Can We Share Jesus with the UFO Culture?

This is the cover story of the April, 2001, Issue of Charisma Magazine.

An interview with Evangelist Chris Ward.

Chrisma explains to the Christian community why it is that we should be a witness for Christ to the Ufology (UFO) community.

"It is my opinion that Ufology is a form of modern idolatry and it is an end times delusion."

Pastor Chris Ward


Click on Photo for link

Crazy Stories

A figurine found at Al Ubaíd archeological site in Iraq dating 4000 - 5900 BCE, which predates the Sumerian culture.

Pinned from beforeitsnews.com

Can the Nephilim be Saved?

Can the Gerbers and Hybrids be Saved?

Secret Knowledge Angels or Sethites
Audio Bytes of Pastor Chris Ward Secret Knowledge
How to Stop an Abduction Mars Hill
MUFON St. Louis July 22, 2000 Journeys Beyond UFO Conference
Nephilim Links, Amazing Discoveries Paranormal Outreach Team
Roswell Downtown Roswell the Musical
Roswell New Mexico The Exorcist Files
Roswell 2009 UFOs and the Biblical Truth
UFOs, the Bible, and the Giants UFOs and Famous Church Sightings
UFOs Revealed Zecharia Sitchin
Project Awareness Photos @ St. Pete '99 Are You an Abductaholic?
Ancient of Days Conference Power Point: Pulling Down Giants

How to Stop a UFO or an Alien Abduction

Vatican: "It's OK to believe in Aliens"

Fr. Funes Astronomer for the Vatican

Vatican Official monsignor Padre Corrado Balduci Declares Extraterrestrial Contact is Real!

Does E. T. Pray? Catholic questions of faith and astrobiology.

Vatican Extraterrestrial Life (ExoLife) Workshop

The Roman Catholic Church and Evidence of the Nephilim

Full Disclosure Project

Dr. Steven Greer


Mexico New Release

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UFOs Caught on Tape

Click on Photo to see the Video!

This is a video on YouTube.com of NASA exploring space and finding unidentified flying objects. At 4:30 you will see unidentified objects that seem to be navigating intelligently. Nasa is caught trying to explain the event away.

April 2, 2008

Best UFO Footage Ever! Larry King Live!

Click on YouTube Icon

January 28, 2001: UFO over Jerusalem Temple

3 ANGLES COMBINED: Jerusalem Dome of the Rock Temple Mount UFO video

Hal Lindsay 2011:

Hal Lindsay UFOs: Are We Living in the Last Days?

UFOs and Celebrities

John Lenon, Astronaut Gordon Cooper, Art Bell, Will Smith. William Shatner, and George Carlin to name a few.

Alien Testamonies by Government Insiders

"And I looked, and, behold, a whirlwind came out of the north a great cloud, and a fire infolding itself, and a brightness was about it, and out of the midst thereof as the color of amber (Chashmal, 2830, Polished Bronze, between Gold and Brass), out of the midst of fire." Ezekiel 1:4.

Russia Threatens Obama to Reveal Alien Presence or They will!



Logos' General Information:

Bishop Chris Ward

Pastor Dennis Lyons

Worship Leader Nick Ward

Worship Leader Thomas Stafford

8839 C.R. 44, Leesburg, FL 34788 (MAP)

1-352-638-0909 Prayer Line

Our Programs:

Come Home to a 1st Century Christian Orthodox Church

Revival or Perish!

Congregational, Expositional, and Applicational Bible Teaching

Spirit Led Worship

Outreach to the Homeless, the Needy, the Oppressed, and the Possessed,

Ufologists, Street Kids, Renaissance Fairs, Pow-Wows, and the Rainbow Family of Living Light

Food Bank and Disaster Relief

Missions Projects: Kenya, Africa, Haiti, Guatemala, Jamaica, Laos, Masai Tribe, Mexico, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Pakistan, Pygmies, Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, S. Sudan,Tonga, Tanzinia, and Renaissance Fairs.

We sponsor:


Pastor Chrispus Wanyoni Khalakai in Nukura, Kenya, and the churches of Kenya, Sudan, Tanzania, Pygmy, and the Massai Tribe.

We Meet:

Wednesday Bible Study 7 PM

Sunday Morning Service at 11 AM

Healing, Deliverance and Exorcisms: Call for appointment.

How You May Support Logos Christian Fellowship

Please help us reach the lost, famine victums, educate and feed the homeless.

"Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this,

to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction,

and to keep himself unspotted from the world." James 1:27

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This site was first created July 4, 1998

Pastor Chris & Rita with Jamous Walker, 11.17.12, at Hardee Correctional Insitutue.

Please pray that God will release Jamous via a pardon that we have applied for 2012.

Pardon Walker!

Logos Christian Fellowship, Inc.

8839 C.R. 44, Leesburg, FL 34788 (MAP)