Rainbow Gathering

Ocala National Forest

February 2002

This was the most peaceful gathering I have ever been too!

Commander Malcolm Jowers, 2 Hawks, and Barry Sacarow, discussing the Operational Plan.

The Gathering was a huge success. Thank you Barry for signing the permit. You did the right thing.

"The good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep." Jesus.

No hassles, just cooperation and peace.

Can anyone remember why it is we didn't sign the permit?

Bodhi, seen here, showing off his Smoky the Bear keychain, given to him by Commander Malcolm Jowers.

Tedd and Brian


Al Nord and Jeremy at Jesus Village

God's Tent, Main Supply, and Dragon unloading supplies

Gypsy and Harvest.

What a line up. I recognize Cookie, Brother Coop, Patches and Jennifer.

Jesus Village and friends

We be Jammin' man!

Jesus Village and Kimmie

The gang hanging out at Logos. Showers anyone?

Are they praying again?

Another prayer circle? Praise God!

Sundog directing the unloading of new supplies.

Check out that tiger bus! Jimmy and lots of percussion.

Micah, Steven, Joshua, Shallyn jammin' 4 Jesus!

Brian and Dragon.

2 Hawks and Jesse in 2 Hawks van.

Supplies are always welcome.

Brian, 2 Hawks, and Tedd

Brian just found out that he has to teach High School.

Teddy and the Crew!

Jesus Bus USA!

Thank you Dragon and Fairy for all you do for the Family of God.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

Eagle pouring first Coffee!



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