Journey's Beyond

UFO Conference

Ft. Walton Beach, Florida

October 20-22, 2000

Radisson Hotel


How to Stop an Abduction


Paranormal Outreach Team

Joe, Kathy, Rita and James.

Kathy, Joe and Barbara

Amelia, Dana, Dona, and Chris


"There is No Government Conspiracy."

Phillip Corso Jr.

Pastor Chris, Liz, and Phillip Corso

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It was very nice to meet Lt. Col. Phillip J. Corso's son Phillip Jr and his wife Liz. Phill is a member of The Christian Motorcycle Association and a strong believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Lt. Col. Phillip J. Corso was the author of "The Day After Roswell" with William J. Birnes.

"As chief of the Army's Foreign Technology Division in 1961, Phillip J. Corso stewarded the Roswell, New Mexico, alien artifacts in a reverse-engineering project that led to today's:

  • Integrated circuit chips
  • Fiber Optics
  • Lasers
  • Super-tenacity fibers
  • and "seeded" the Roswell alien technology to giants of American industry."

The Day After Roswell, ISBN 0671004611, Pocket Books, New York New York, 1997, USA.

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Col. Phillip J. Corso Sr.

"Do Not Exchange Ufology for Your Religion!"

Phillip Corso Jr.

Chris Ward, Bill Kent (Phillip's Attorney), Phillip Corso, and Joe Jordan

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Phillip (A born again Christian) talked on Friday night and made the following statements:

  • UFOs are real.
  • My father told the truth.
  • The Day After Roswell was in a typical publishers rush and their were some marketing descrepencies. The web page will fill in the gaps and clerify his father's testimony with genuine documentation from his father's notes.
  • There is no government Conspiracy. There are a couple of individuals that think they are acting in the best interest of the country that are about to retire. We need to back off (olive branch) and give them an opportunity to come forward.
  • Dr. Steven Greer (CSETI) will probably bring full disclosure to the publics eye this year some time.
  • Do not exchange Ufology for your religion. He said this three times.
  • All of his father's notes will be posted on the web site
  • He has the famous Rainbow file (E.B.E.).
  • They are trying to assemble a working model of a UFO from his father's notes.
  • We need to start a grass roots political movement that will include UFO disclosure.
  • The Younger Generation is Ready for full disclosure.


"This Younger Generation is Ready for Full Disclosure!"

Phillip Corso Jr.


UFO Message by Pastor Chris Ward

"The Hosts of Heaven"


Chris and Katie

Joe, Andy, and Rita


Roswell Crash Site

Andy Butcher is a Reporter for Charisma Magazine.

He came to do a piece on our Outreach Team.

Thank you Andy!

We Love You!


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UFOs and Famous Church Sightings

UFO Message by Pastor Chris Ward

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