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Video by Thom Stafford, 2012

We Educate the Spirit, Mind, and Body!

Open Invitation to South Sudan: Can you help?

President Salva, the President of South Sudan, invited H.E.A.T. to come to South Sudan and open as many schools as you may. He has given us some free land for a school.

A Special Letter from the Headmaster in the field:

Dr. Ward,

So far we have 107 projects in Africa in 12 countires. H.E.A.T. is feeding and educating poor kids in these countries. Right now we want to make sure that H.E.A.T. has water tapped in a well or harvested from the roof by rain.

Help Us buy some water storage tanks. We still have a lot to do, and I really appreciate and thank you for every single cent H.E.A.T. sends us.

We were given land in South Sudan to built a school. Let's build another school!


Wow! What a Fantastic 2012!

Thank you to all of our sponsors!

Please Partner with us in Building K-12, and Higher Education in Africa.

If you want more information please call me, Chris Ward, at 407-413-9440 (Toll FREE Skype).

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.

Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." Lao Tzu

Project Objectives:

1. Fight Poverty and Gender Segregation through Education (We Enroll Boys & Girls)

2. Build K-12 schools and Adult Education.

3. Support Managers and Teachers.

4. Support Students and their Families.

5. Develop Food Programs.

6. Develop a Blended Distance Education Cell-Phone program online K-12, and adult (5 Year Plan).


A Special Letter from the Headmaster in the field.

Dr. Chris Ward,

          The year 2002, ten yrs ago, Chris Ward and Nick Ward, came to Kenya, Africa. Chris had a vision about educational ministry in Africa, and he said I can see a line drawn across Africa from west to east and he said from this line downwards, sub saharan countries, west Africa to south Africa we are going to reach them with Blended Distance Education Cell Phone program.

          That time it was like a big joke or a dream that can't come to pass. Personally I was confused because I was saying who is the man talking about and who is he going to use to accomplish all this? Little did I know that the vision was about me. I look back and see what HEAT has done and say you are faithful. We have reached the following Countries: Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia and Kenya, and just on Thursday I came from Democratic Republic of Congo in the towns of Butembo and Bunia, 10 countries in all.

          Please Chris send this report to everyone who sponsors HEAT and other partners and friends of HEAT.

Headmaster: Chrispus Wanyoni Khalakai, Academy of Hope

12 African Countries We Have Projects in Purple

Now in South Sudan!

We have been in Africa since July, 2002

Hope Academy

We had a School Donated to our Project in 2012

You did this! We have over 400 Students!

Before & After


From this to This! 0 to 120 students, 3 teachers, and 1 manager. Thank you!


From this to This!

Happy Kids!

Help Fight Gender Segregation in Education in Africa!

We Enroll Boys & Girls!

This is a worthy project and we need your support.

Call me if you have a question: 352-638-0909

Skype: cbward1

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About our C.E.O.

Dr. Chris Ward


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Chris in a Parade at Tongtapu, Tonga; Fakafuofua Computer Wordprocessor (Hardware & Software) by Chris Ward and CCCHS Computer Class; and, family and friends at Lavengamalia, Tonga: Chris, Rita, Nick and Normandy, and Anna and Tanya from New Zealand

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Computer Equity, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.), 2002

Innovative Technology, Harvard University, 2008-2009

Intel Teach to the Future: Master Teacher 2006

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Fakafuofua Tongan Wordprocessor (Hardware & Software) by Chris Ward 1985

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NEA Journal, Feature Article, Integrated Technology (exams.wav), 2001

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UNESCO Information Technology Seminar, Montego Bay, Jamaica June 2009

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H.E.A.T. building project in Kenya 2005

Our Feeding Program




H.E.A.T. feeding African tribal families in 12 Eastern African States.

Please help us feed these precious little ones!



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Our 5 Year Plan is to Develop a Blended Distance Education Cell-Phone program online K-12, and Adult.


India Announces $35 tablet computer for rural poor.

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India Government will buy the Aakash 2

How to Support H.E.A.T.

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The poor struggle in Kenya as inflation soars The world must act now as Somalia buries its dead from starvation Massive school dropouts as famine continues in Somalia

The future education of children in Swaziland remains uncertain as public schools stay shut because government can�t afford to pay for their upkeep

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