Healing & Deliverance Seminar

Evangelist Chris Ward

Saturday, September 27, 7 PM

Melbourne Front Street Civic Center

Pulling Down Giants

Nick Gray, Nick Ward, Vanessa Ward, and Lawana Gray

The Worship team was intense.

The people really got into the worship and praise.

Gary Bringman was filming our meeting for Channel 45 TV.

The exorcist team: Thom Buchanan, Rusty Brenemen, Martha, Castillos, Jan Davis, Brian Cronin, and Pastor Chris Ward.

We saw many healings from prayer.

This women is a ministers wife. We prayed and God began to heal her.

Rita ministering to a young woman.

We prayed and God set them free.

Opening prayer.

Jan Davis praying for a women.

Nick Ward praying, Rusty, praying, Dennis praying, Thom praying, while people waited in a very long line.

Pulling Down Giants

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