Rainbow Family Ocala Gathering 2011


Logos Editon

Jesus Kicks Down Phat

An angel appeared over the food council!

Cmdr Lloyd Thorne and State AVVA Winner Helen Shaut (Sec.)

Viet Nam Veterans of America, (VVA-1026) Tavares, FL

Inspecting the troops, heading to front gate.

ministering to Vets in the forest--Never leave a commrade behind!

Welcome Home Trailhead!

Anna's Kitchen Friday Night 2.11.2011 Frodo's Cooking!

Front Gate Thrift Store!

No Kidding!

Jesus Kicks Down Phaaaaaaaat!

Now that is a lot of food! One drop = 6 Tons!!!!!?

360' Food Council Drop.

Turkey Feather Trading Post Food Drop 2.12.2011

5 Marines helped me unload, one was on leave from Afghanistan.

Front Gate.

Click on photo to visit Church of the forest

Pastor Mark Smith, Church of the Forest, and friends.

Getting clothes and shoes at food council

Turkey Feather Trading Post is Back!

Clothing, food, blankets, CALM suplies and main supply!

Food Council.

More food and supplies and clothing on the tables.

Next to Anna's kitchen at front gate.

Brother Coop showed up out of retirement. 82nd Airborne VVA

Brother Coop (82 Airborne) and Pastor Chris (101 Airborne Recon) Viet Nam Vets.

CALM supply meeting.

Center for Alternative Learning Medicine

Peanuts and snacks at front gate, sponsored by Logos

Trailer Park Kitchen now open for business!

Farrells Lake Back Gate


Ben and Logos' new Turkey Feather Trading Post truck.

We showed movies at night on the side of the truck.

Phat Kids Clean Up

Phat Kids putting 2.5 TONS of trash in truck

Logos' Truck is packed and ready to go to the dump.

Great job on clean up Phat Kids Kitchen!


Memorial Service

Valentine's Day - Hippie Noon

Pastor Chris (2 Hawks) leading memorial service.

How many of you guys knew Sweeney (Vet)?

Memorial service at Farrells Lake

In Memory of Sweeney (Vet)

In Memory of Little Hawk (Vet)

Never leave a commrade behind!

Memorial Service for Robert Sweeney (Veteran), Little Hawk (Veteran),

and the 8 Hippies and two fireman that died in the warehouse fire in New Orleans,

December 28, 2010.

Click on photo for more information

The Phat News of Mark is the Gosple of Mark in the Hippie Language

Order a copy today! Click here or on the book.


Pastor Chris all cleaned up! A.K.A. 2 Hawks

Pastor Chris and Pastor Mark are both Ojibwa indians from the same tribe

in Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan


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