Sethites or Satans

by Chris Ward

Copyright 2003


Dr. Ward was a guest speaker at the Ancient of Days Conference in Roswell, New Mexico, July 4-6, 2003. Dr. Ward was asked to make a presentation regarding a Biblical view of Genesis 6:4 and how it relates to UFOs and Alien Abductions.

Sethites or Satans is an 80 minute presentation comparing and contrasting the Sethite theory and the Biblical truth of the origins of the nephilim with a 56 slide PowerPoint presentation on two CDs.

What is the difference between the sons of Seth and the Sons of God?

How do the Nephilim differ from the Gibborim?

Who are the Gebers?

Is there an alien abduction in your future?


Letter from the audience and an admirer after hearing the presentation on Sethites or Satans:

These questions about the sons of God and Cain fearing for his life have bothered me for years. I knew there was a huge problem, and it caused me to look at my theology like a house of cards. I was afraid to ask too many questions-afraid of what I would discover. Especially since I had tried to get answers from some (I thought) very good Bible scholars. Their collective reaction made me believe that I was on the trail of disaster. I was able to get some reassurance from one of my professors at Southern Illinois University. I was in the Anthropology Department, and was taking a course in the Religion Department titled Early Islamic Culture. Professor Frederick Bargebuer, a visiting professor from Heidelberg University, taught the course. He was in his 80's at the time and had spent his entire professional career doing research on early Islamic culture in Spain. He said something to me that has been a spiritual lifeline for me all of my adult life-- "My salvation does not depend upon the answers to questions that have arisen from my research." That was enough for him, but it was not enough for me. I ended up changing my major. Something I have always felt very strongly about is that there is always a thread of truth in the ancient legends and stories. You certainly made that very clear this morning! You have no idea how many questions you answered for me. I do have one question-Were you saying that all Nephilim are men. It fits better if they could be either-hermaphrodites. What do you think about the legend of the Amazon women? And the valkyries? Do you think the Vikings could have been Nephilim?


June 29, 2003



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