Are You an Abductaholic?

Abductees Please Take This Test

1. Have you had abductions since childhood?

2. Has this happened to other members of your family or relatives?

3. Do you fear another abduction, but feel special?

4. Can you tell when the abductions are about to take place?

5. Do you find yourself sharing about your experiences with strangers?

6. Do you feel pride in knowing the different beings?

7. Are you able to stop the abductions some times and not others?

8. Have you been shown an alien child or your hybrid child?

9. Have you been to other places other than the ships like subterranean caverns?

10. Have you seen the same alien(s) repeatedly?

If you can say yes to any of these questions, then you are probably an Abductaholic. You will need special help in stopping the abductions.

a. Abduction Rehab.

b. Special training.

c. Deliverance.

d. Post-Prayer suggestions.

e. Spiritual Warfare team.

f. Spiritual Mentor and Prayer Partner.

g. Break all soul-ties and generational curses.

h. You will need to be deprogrammed.

i. No astral travel, channeling, new age religion, etc...

You will need special help.

Fill out our Exorcism Application and mail it today.


Exorcism Application

Pastor Chris Ward

Please note that you suspect that you are an abductaholic when you e-mail me.



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