Pardon Walker!

Jamous at age 19 and now Jamous seen here with pastor Chris & Rita Ward 12.17.12

Jamous D. Walker DC#388603

Jamous has served 18 years of a consecutive life sentence for driving a vehicle of a tragic robbery murder. He drove his friend to pick up his pay check and his friend shot the manager of Checkers in Leesburg.

He was given a verdict of robbery with a firearm, and 1st degree murder.

Jamous was only 19 years old and unaware that his friend was about to committ murder.


Jamous was not the shooter.


This is pastor Chris Ward. I was Jamous Walkers' teacher for two years while he was at South Lake Education Center, a alternative school for Kid's at Risk, and his second pastor for 22 years.

Jamous has been on more than three retreats and many activities with us. He has played the organ with Terry Brown at our church. I have known him for over 22 years. I know the mother and the family. I have been to visit Jamous at De Soto and Hardee Correctional Institutions.

As a Christian, I deeply regret the horrible experience that the family of the manager of Checkers has gone through, but I know that they are Christians and have had time to ponder and reflect and forgive Jamous for what ever part he participated in this heinous crime.

Jamous has paid his dues. He needs to be set free. He has paid for his crime.

Please pray that Jamous gets the pardon that we have petitioned for with his family.


"Remember the prisoners as if chained with them and those who are mistreated, since you yourselves are in the body."

Hebrews 13:3.


Please pray that the Lord will have mercy and set him free.