Alternative Housing For Less Than $50.00

The Rain Buster!

Here are the instructions for a low cost alternative housing unit for one or two people. It can be easily assembled and carried on the top of a vehicle. It provides great shelter in the wet and cold. It only requires three sheets of plywood and a plastic tarp. A guttering can be added to collect rain water. To avoid the mosquitoes add mosquito netting. A fantastic way to survive Florida's often wet camping in the winter.

This is the Rain Buster disassembled. The roof, the sides, and the back.

This is the Rain Buster assembled waiting for the roof.

Here is the Rain Buster seen with a plastic tarp on top and wood pallets and some flooring. The tarp can be hoisted to help as shade or to collect rain water in the guttering for washing and cooking. All rain water must be treated for purification.

Print this page for building instructions!


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