Tony Kurth seen here in the Ocala National forest delivering food and clothing.


Turkey Feather Trading Post

Bringing Dignity to Difficult Living

Director: Caroline Carter

Serving all of Central Florida's

Disaster Victims, Needy, Homeless, and Veterans.

We are not the Rainbow Family. We simply minister to those who are in need.

Sister Caroline seen here distributing food and produce during the Ocala Gathering 2000.


The Interstate Battery truck is seen here with some of our wonderful wilderness family. If you would like the Turkey Feather to visit your campsite, home, or community then call us at 877-566-7264.


Caroline Carter and Pastor Chris as seen in the Lake Sentinel October 30, 1999


Mission Statement:

The Turkey Feather Trading Post provides for free and ministers to the needy and homeless in the following capacities:

  • Community: We assist people in our community who are homeless, unemployed, underemployed, and need food, clothing, and shelter.
  • Disaster Victims: We assist people effected by hurricanes, storm damage, tornadoes, and fire.
  • Rainbow People: We have an on going ministry to the Rainbow People who frequent the Ocala National forest. We provide safe drinking water, camping equipment, tents, tarps, food, clothing, and hygiene. There are frequently 1,500 Rainbowers or more that gather each February 14th in the Ocala Forest. They begin to show up around September but some of them live there all year round.
  • Transients: We help people passing through the area that are seeking help.
  • Veterans: We offer one-on-one personal counseling with successfully married and well adjusted Viet Nam and Post Viet Nam Veterans.
  • Wilderness: We have an on going annual ministry to the hundreds of homeless and needy living in the Ocala National Forest. We provide food, hot meals, blankets, clothing, camping equipment, hygiene, medicine, dental assistance, shelter, toys for Joys, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and Holiday meals.

The Turkey Feather Trading Post is seen here with a couple of Veterans living in the Ocala National Forest. The large plastic containers have rice in one and beans in the other. We keep all the food on the left side of the truck and all the clothing and equipment on the right side of the truck. We would like to thank our many supporters and volunteers that make the Turkey a success!


Alternative Mobile Housing


Chaplain Tony is seen here on the left with a Veteran living in the Ocala National Forest in a travel trailer. This man is legally blind and was completely out of food, water, and cooking fuel. He had been waiting for a friend to come and help him. He had been out of supplies for over two days.

Sister Rita seen here with the Turkey Feather Trading Post Truck

Sister Rita seen here filling water jugs for the Gathering '99


Glean Busters


Sister Caroline and Firefly seen here with the Gleaning Truck.

Here are some Wilderness people appreciating clothing, shoes, socks, and blankets.

The 'Jesus Loves You' gleaning truck shows up at the Florida Family Gathering 2000 in the Ocala National Forest.


Dry it you'll like it!


The Phat News of Mark

The Gospel of Mark KJV in Hippie language



If you would like to make a donation please drop us an Email, write, or call us 352-365-7246.

All Donations are Tax Deductible!

We are a 501(c) 3 Religious State and Federal Tax Exempt organization.




USDA Grants for Food Banks


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We are not the Rainbow Family. We simply minister to those who are in need.