Welcome to the Logos Christian Fellowship audio page.  Expositional Bible study has always been very important to this fellowship and as a result many great sermons, teachings, and testimonies have come out of it.  For many years this fellowship ministered to its community through a radio show on WHOF 640am.  Chapel Time was on weekdays at 9 for about 5 years.  Continuing this tradition, Logos is moving to the internet with streaming audio.  So get out your Bibles. Get ready to be healed, restored, directed, and delivered by the word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit.

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For Jess Lavey's amazing testimony of deliverence ministry visit TheExorcistFiles.org .
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T.V. Interview - Chris Ward Channel 10 News
Testimony - Jerry Paris Listen to this voicemail of his exciting deliverence from demons blinded by the power of God and powerless to find him. 
The Exorcist Files - Jerry Paris Jerry updates the Exorcist Files one year after the beginning of his deliverance.  For more amazing testimonies, visit TheExorcistFiles.org
((Part1)) ((Part2))
Testimony of a Ex-Satanist An ex-satanist tells of the wretched past that led him to Christ and the escape he made from a dark world. 
Mission to Mexico - Thom Buchanan Returning from Presbyterians for Renewal sponsored tour, Thom tells of ministry in a border town, south of the U.S./Mexican border.
((Part1)) ((Part2))
Mission to Guatemala Report from the evangelistic outreach in the jungles of Guatemala.
((Part1)) ((Part2))
The Exorcist Files - Pedro Aledo Pedro is the author of The Coming World Deception.
((Part1)) ((Part2)) For more amazing testimonies, visit TheExorcistFiles.org

Joe Jordan In this two part series, the president of CE4.org tells of his discovery of the UFO conspiracy within MUFON. 
((Part1)) ((Part2))
The Gospel According to E.T. - Chris Ward Alien philosophy stands in opposition with Christianity. Click to Play
The Hosts of Heaven - Chris Ward In this two part series, Chris updates his previous seminar "Everything You Wanted to Know about UFOs is Found in the Bible." 
((Part1)) ((Part2))
Return of the Watchers - Chris Ward In this two part series, Chris deliberates on the reasons for Old Testament geneocides, the flood, and rebukes of Christ. 
((Part1)) ((Part2))
Exorcism - Frank Marzullo
Ernie Marzullo Frank's brother shares his story. Click to Play
Ernie Marzullo's Ordination - Chris Ward Click to Play
Lambo - Chris Ward Why Christ never intended his flock to be full of attack sheep.
((Part1)) ((Part2))
Rainbow - Chris Ward Prophecy used by the Rainbow Family is similar to the Biblical foretelling of revival through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
 ((Part1)) ((Part2))

The Beginning - Chris Ward Click to Play


Deliver - Chris Ward Luke 4 Deliverance: the ministry of Jesus.

The Grace - Chris Ward Acts 20
Spirit of Revival - Chris Ward Acts  10  Chris explains that the Holy Spirit and His gifts are for everyone. 
Covenant - Chris Ward Finding true direction in your life. 
((Part1)) ((Part2))
Mars - Chris Ward Pagan worship and modern society aren't too far apart.
Saved, Accepted, or Rejected - Chris Ward Acts 15
((Part1)) ((Part2))
Rainbow - Chris Ward Prophecy used by the Rainbow Family is similar to the Biblical foretelling of revival through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
 ((Part1)) ((Part2))
Darryl Forthman shares from his heart.
((Part1)) ((Part2))
Worship in Spirit and Truth - Nicholas Ward In his first sermon, Nicholas serves a gormet meal from John 4. Click to Play
The 6th Hour - Chris Ward Acts 10 Learning to focus on Jesus breaks down barriers.
((Part1)) ((Part2))
Attack on America: WWIII-  Chris Ward The flaws in the law of retaliation make it subject to the grace of Jesus Christ.
((Part1)) ((Part2))
Get on Your Knees - Chris Ward When will Islam embrace Jesus Christ? Click to Play
Blind at Birth - Chris Ward John 9 The purpose of affliction is to glorify God. Letters from Columbine High.
((Part1)) ((Part2))
The New Gentiles - Chris Ward Acts 15
((Part1)) ((Part2))
Python  - Chris Ward There is a spirit seeking to crush the life out of those seeking Truth.
((Part1)) ((Part2))
Discover - Chris Ward Aliens and their agenda found in the Bible.

What is your ministry - Dennis Lyons The five fold ministry

((Part1)) ((Part2))

Gods Grace - Chris Ward Click to Play
Ordination - Chris WardClick to Play The Ordination of James, Sam and Debbi and a teaching about ministry

Prophesy - Thom Buchanon Click to Play

Grace Vs. Works - Nick Ward

((Part1)) ((Part2))

How to Raise The Dead And Performe Spiritual Warfare Chris Ward

((Part1)) ((Part2))

New Year Resolution - Dennis Lyons Click to Play What's your new years resolution

 Revival in America - Chris Ward There is a revival needed in America

((Part1)) ((Part2))

Send Out - Chris Ward sending out the ministries Click to Play

 Healing - Kenny Teaching on healing

((Part1)) ((Part2))

Spiritual Warfare - Chris Ward how to practice Spiritual Warfare Click to Play

Timothy Introduction Click to Play
Timothy Chapter 1 Click to Play

Philippians Introduction Click to Play
Philipians 2 Click to Play
Philipians 3 Click to Play Circumcision of the heart. Listen carefully for the word "lukewarm-ised."
Philippians End Click to Play

Colossians1 Click to Play


Zechariah 1 Click to PlayChris Ward

Zechariah 5Click to Play Chris Ward

Zechariah 11 Click to PlayClick to PlayChris Ward

 The Gospel of Mark: Pastor Chris Ward (2007)

 Chapter 1a    
 Chapter 22b    

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