Mutual UFO Network

Walter Androus,President MUFON

Retired July 22, 2000

Over 30 Years of Faithful Service.

Walter Androus and Dr. Chris Ward

UFO Message by Pastor Chris Ward

"The Hosts of Heaven"


Rita Ward at our table.

Bruce Widaman Missouri State Director Mufon and Dr. Chris Ward

Chris and Rita Ward at their table.

They sell the Book of Enoch I & II,

Book of Jubilees, Book of Jasher, and

Come Sail Away by Guy Malone, etc.

Rita sharing with Ellen

Jim and Mary

Rita at the pool of the Sheraton Hotel

Stanton Friedman



How to Stop an Abduction


UFO Directory

Alien Resistance

Come Sail Away

How to Stop an Abduction

Nephillim Links

Paranormal Outreach Team

Roswell New Mexico

Roswell the Musical

UFOs and the Biblical Truth

UFO Bible Studies

UFOs Revealed

UFOs, the Bible, and the Giants

Zecharia Sitchin

UFO Conference Journey's Beyond

UFOs and Famous Church Sightings

Roswell Crash Site

Roswell Crash Site


    UFOs and Famous Church Sightings 


Ancient Cities of Nephillim Evidence:


Team Atlantis

Pyramids of Mexico

Chinese Pyramids



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