Letter to Cliff Stearns

U.S. Congressmen

by Marsha Kearney, Forest Supervisor

United States Department of Agriculture

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File Code: 1510

Date: February 15, 2001

Honorable Cliff Stearns

100 S. 11st. Suite 102

Leesburg, Fl 34748


Dear Congressman Stearns:


Thank you for referring to us the concerns of the Logos Christian Fellowship regarding their encampment with the Rainbow Family gathering on the Ocala National forest. We appreciate the fact that their ministry is well intentioned, however, there are circumstances we must consider as we strive to ensure the welfare of all our forest visitors.

Members of the Rainbow Family are presently camped in the Alexander Springs Wilderness Area off Forest Road 552. Because no one among them has followed the procedures to obtain a group permit, (required by 36 CFR 251.51), their event is unauthorized. Members of the Logos Christian Fellowship were subject to being cited for non-compliance, because their campsite was in close proximity to the camps of others who were in attendance in order to participate in the activities of the Rainbow Family.

By relocating its relief operations to Buck Lake in good faith, the Logos Christian Fellowship is presently in compliance with those forest regulations that are in place for the public safety and protection of natural resources. While we acknowledge that their new campsite may not be conveniently located to those individuals they endeavor to serve, members of this ministry are now more appropriately positioned to avoid citations for participating in what is inarguable an unauthorized event.

A non-commercial group use permit is required for any group exceeding 75 people. This permit is necessary for the Forest Service to adequately prepare for a large event and ensure resources are protected. Such things as location of kitchens, camping, parking and sanitation facilities can be properly planned with minimum environmental impacts through the special use permit process.

We appreciate your interest in this very difficult matter and look forward to working with your office on all forest issues that impact your constituents. Thank you for your continued interest in the management of the Ocala National Forest.


Marsha Kearney

Forest Supervisor


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Marsha Kearney

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Federal Code Regulation Title 36 Section 261.10K

Dear President Bush, please amend Federal Code Regulation Title 36 Section 26.1.10K

to read: "No Group Permit shall be required for Non-commercial events in a wilderness or national forest area."

The war between the hippies and the Rangers has gone on long enough--25+ years. Please amend the regulations for the public health, safety and welfare.


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