Ocala Gathering 2008

Brother Coop & Brother Ray in back

Tom, Isaac, and Nick Ward

Ho! A Camp! Happy Thanksgiving 2006!

Welcome Hunters!

"The Lion shall lie down with the lamb."

Blackjack & Silver


Now that's a Heart fire. Can you see the aorta?

Is there any cranberry sauce?

There was lots of hot food.

Lots of desserts.

The Logos' crew, Normandy & Rita, eat well too.

Dennis & Vanessa serve turkey & ham.

Dennis & Rita serving pie.

Dennis, Vanessa, and Nick

Hi James!

Always remember to carry out anything you carried into the forest.

Rita & Nathaniel

A Message from Brother Ray

Well, Ocala 2008 is over, and I believe it was the best Ocala EVER!

I just finished looking at all the sites involved and, except for 2 bags of trash at 599-A, the field was left in good order.

I didn't check the site at Buck Lake, as that high holy private party didn't draw enough folks to leave a mess.

It was a good and effective time for Jesus Camp. Brother Cooper and I did a coffee, pop tart , and power bar movie and got to meet old friends and make new ones. Thanks to excellent supply and camaraderie from Pastor Chris and all the good people at Logos, we were able to share the love of Jesus with all who stopped by.

Jesus does Kick Down Phat!

More Bibles and New Testaments were taken than ever before in the decade plus we've been doing this!

The gentle, loving side of Rainbow was very much in evidence, a love which, quite frankly, puts the "traditional" church to shame. But times of music and rejoicing with Chris and Rita, (Logos) and the evidence of love in action show that some have grasped the meaning of the Jesus Revolution.

Thanks to all whose love made this beautiful thing happen and hope to see you at Nationals or somewhere down that Rainbow trail.

Until then, May God bless you with Joy and Love and Peace !

Brother Ray

Brother Coop, Brother Ray, Tom, Isaac, and Pastor Chris Ocala 2008


A message from Little Hawk

Pastor 2 Hawks,

I want to thank you and all the beautiful f 'n people at Logos for taking care of my Family (Rainbow).

From what the Family reports to me, Ocala 08 was a beautiful f 'n experience, thanks to the support of all the people at Logos.

I still remember back in Idaho when you and Brian came and prayed for me in the Hospital. That was the time when Ace went over the mountainside and was paralyzed. The doctor said I would die in six weeks. I want to thank you for your prayer. That was back in July 2001, over 7 years ago.

I got to go because I'm running short on cell time, but I want you to know that I pray and thank Jesus everyday for you guys. Thank you for sending me the Phat News of Mark. I read it to my Family as often as I can.

Peace out...

Little Hawk


Pastor Chris 2 Hawks, Irish-Ojibway