Rainbow Gathering '99

Allegheny National Forest

The Order of the Good Samaritan!

The Phat News of Mark

The Gospel of Mark KJV in Hippie language



The Owl's Nest parking Lot.

Does anyone know what this sign says?

Brother Teddy's bus, water tank, and tent.

Fixing the pump on the water 1,000 gallon tank.

The kitchen tent and mess hall.


Teddy's Truck in Leesburg at Logos

Street Evangelism in the Ridegeway Park


Micah, Timothy, and Colleen passing out Power Bars

and Peace Tracts in the Ridgeway Park.

Timothy (2nd from the left) was given a Bible by brother Teddy in the morning, pastor Chris led him in the sinners prayer in the afternoon, and the next day Tim left with The Order of the Good Samaritan to witness at a Phish Tour concert in Charlotte, N.C. That is the mercy and grace of the Lord! that is exactly what can happen with this kind of outreach.


Micah and Colleen, and pastor Chris (another great hair day) giving out Power Bars and Peace Tracts in the Park to the Road-Dogs.

We had a great Drum Circle going in the Park.

We gave out Power Bars and Peace Tracts.

We had two drums, one flute, and one Diggeree-Do.

We even gave food to a local man going through the garbage cans.


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Disclaimer: We are not the Rainbow Family, we merely minister to those in need.

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