Project Awareness UFO Conference

St. Petersburg, Florida

November 1999

We love you guys!


Real Audio Sound Bytes of UFOs


Rita Ward, Guy Malone, Wes Clark, and Joe Jordon

Guy Malone, Rita, and Chris Ward

Pat Crumbly and Team.

Barbara Ward and Guy Malone

Jim Mears

Author Jim Mears, Chris & Barbara Ward


How to Stop an Abduction


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Catholic Exorcisms

Exorcisms and Deliverance

Favorites Links

Garden of Eden


Origin of Demons

Paranormal Outreach Team

UFOs and the Biblical Turth

UFOs, the Bible, and the Giants

UFO Bible Studies

Zacharia Sitchin

Whitley Streiber

"Yes, Whitley, they've always been with us. And like us, they've changed

with the times, too. They've changed from being the undisputed masters

of sorcery, to that of science and technology."

Guy Malone



UFO Skeptics

Alien Resistance

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