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July 23, 2000


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Senior Pastor of Logos Christian Fellowship

Leesburg, Florida

The Article

By Kelly Laughead

Record Staff Writer

A very different perspective on the UFO phenomenon is being introduced to Roswell this week.

The Alien Resistance HQ, a Christian coffee shop and library located behind Cowtown Boots, at Second and Main Street, will open its doors to the public at 2 p.m. today--but this is no typical coffee shop.

Guy Malone, counter-cult researcher and author, said his goals in opening the ARHQ are to present a biblical perspective on the UFO phenomenon and to promote community development in Roswell.

"There's other stuff about Roswell that's worth promoting--not just UFO's," Malone dais.

Malone said the cult-like following aliens have received--and not only in Roswell--is very unsettling to him and his associates.

"We caution about aligning yourself with spirits or beings who don't confess the Lord Jesus Christ," Malone said.

Chris Ward, of the Florida based Logos Christian Fellowship, has encouraged and assisted Malone in his pursuit of getting his message to the public.

"We believe the phenomenon is real," Ward said, "We do not believe it's demons--it's not angels either."

Ward feels that what many people think are extraterrestrial entities are actually the "Host of Heaven," which is mentioned several places in the Bible. However, he advises Christians to be wary of these creatures and of the influence they exert on their lives--reminding them that hosts, just as idols, are not to be worshipped.

"There is deceit involved here," Ward said.

Ward said he believes these beings were spoken of in the Old Testament and have come back because the end of the age has arrived.

Joe Jordan, Florida's Mutual UFO Network state section director, began investigating alleged alien abductions on a secular level--mainly with the goal of terminating the abductions for his clients. However, years of research seemed to be getting him nowhere.

Then he made a breakthrough, but it came form a very unexpected source.

"This person (former abductee), during the experience, called out 'in the name of Jesus Christ," Jordan said.

"When I heard that part of the story--and the way he stopped it--I thought this was nuts,: Jordan said.

After this revelation, and a subsequent newspaper article on his work, Jordan said he heard the same story from countless other former abductees who'd used the same method to put a stop to their experience. He said proclaiming the Lord was the only strategy that seemed to work.

Not too long after that, Jordan, who had been an unflinching non-believer, became a Christian.

Jordan believes the beings are here to deceive humankind from believing in "the one true God" and that this deception manifests itself in a New Age/UFO collusion, using the delusion of sings and wonders.

"These entities only go against what is biblical, what is Christian," he said. "They're making people question the Bible--these aliens have taken us away from the true belief system."

To make matters worse, Jordan said there are very few resources available to Christians who have had UFO experiences--even though he said the Bible specifically addresses the phenomenon.

According to Malone, who wrote a book about his own abduction experience, that's where ARHQ comes in. By offering Christian literature which addresses the UFO phenomenon, he hopes to educate Christians about the origins and the purpose of these 'spiritual beings" and to help them to heal.

Malone also wants to put an end to the cult-like approach that many people seem to gyrate toward and to reach out to them with what he believes is the only truth: Jesus Christ.

"There's an alternative," Malone said. "We don't have to cling to this idol."


Come Sail Away by Guy Malone


Amazing Coincidence?

The same day that the article about ARHQ was in the Roswell Daily Record, the following article about a women who attempted to commit suicide because she though she was impregnated by an alien appeared in Section B of the Roswell Daily Record.


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