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The new book Case Files of an Internet Exorcist is now available in paperback and electronic book. This may be the most exciting book since Frank Hammond's 1973 Best Seller, Pigs in the Parlor.

With the release of his new book, Case Files of an Internet Exorcist, Author and Pastor Chris Ward will be leading seminars and workshops to train deliverance ministers. Chris Ward has conducted non-denominational deliverance meetings all over Central Florida, leading a number of exorcisms using Biblical guidelines and the name of Jesus. He has been interviewed by Forest Sawyer of MSNBC and Seth Weidner of The Learning Channel. He has pastored Logos Christian Fellowship for more than 17 years. In his 15 part talk show, The Exorcist Files, Chris offers listeners a peak into the world of exorcism and deliverance ministry.

What's in Case Files of an Internet Exorcist?
Recorded are the true demonic encounters of people who contacted Dr. Ward through this website.
• 15 chapters of actual exorcisms.
• Four practical easy-to-use training appendixes
• Last interview with deliverance minister, Frank Marzullo, Sr.

Chapter 1 - House Clearing
Chapter 2 - Satanism
Chapter 3 - Rejection & Abandonment
Chapter 4 - Spirit of Belial
Chapter 5 - Cassadaga
Chapter 6 - Pact with the Devil
Chapter 7 - MSNBC
Chapter 8 - Spiritual Warfare
Chapter 9 - Healing
Chapter 10 - Warlocks in the Lobby
Chapter 11 - Stopping Abduction
Chapter 12 - Abductaholic
Chapter 13 - Possession
Chapter 14 - Jinn and Dybbuks
Chapter 15 - Animal Spirits

Appendix A - Deliverance is Just a Breath Away
Appendix B - Can Christians Be Demon Possessed
Appendix C - Twelve Stages of an Exorcism
Appendix D - Guide to Self Deliverance
Appendix E - Last Interview with Frank Marzullo Sr.

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Evangelist Frank Marzullo

Went to be with Jesus January 3, 2003
You are missed my friend.

Frank Marzullo's
Deliverance Workers Manual

The Exorcist Files
TEF is a 15-part Internet radio show giving listeners an inside look at modern day exorcism. This talk format show interviews authors, experiencers, people who are at the forefront of the paranormal and making a difference.
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Pastor Chris Ward leading a deliverance meeting.

Pastor Chris and Father Andrew Miles a Catholic priest from the Benedictine Monastery in Pecos, N.M.

Vito Rallo is the author of Breaking Generational Curses & Pulling Down Strongholds


I.D.E. Thomas, the most significant Christian author on the subject of UFOs and the Bible. This is a must reading.


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Here is a Watcher tattooed over the heart of a pagan. To a witch, the Watcher is a symbol of anarchy. When the "A" extends out side of the circle it is usually an indication of a blood sacrifice. This individual is now "born-gain" and completely delivered from the power of the evil one. His name was Jacob, we now call him Israel.

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