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Welcome. You are invited to be healed, restored, directed, and delivered by the word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit with your host Chris Ward as we open..

The Exorcist Files

Deliverance and Exorcisms, Angels, Devils, Demons, and Mysteries of the Bible. 

The following interviews feature ministers involved in deliverance ministry and people seeking deliverance.  These files contain deliverance exercises used in real exorcisms and can generally be found at the end of the second half hour.

All shows are in MP3 format. For a free MP3 player, click here. 

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File001 "Renea...Can a Christian be abducted?"
File002 Tedd Craven talks about Jesus Kids.
File003 Kathy Land..How to Stop an abduction.
File004 Maggie: The Power of Exorcism
File005 Joe Jordan founder of 'Ce4' presents research showing the name of Jesus can stop abductions.
File006 Dennis Lyons discussion of 911 events.
File007 Guy Malone the founder of the Alien Resistance HQ in Roswell, NM and author of "Come Sail Away."
File008 John Leech exorcism team member.
File009 Derrell Sims 'Alien Hunter'
File010 Mike Heiser author of "The Facade"
File011 Paul the 'Salem Satanist' shares his testimony of leaving Satanism.
File012 Jess LaVey, the Son of Satanist Anton LaVey, talks about the downfall of Satanism. 
File013 Jeff Harshbarger 'Ex-Satanist'
File014 Jerry Paris 'How to blind a demon'
File015 Pedro Aledo "The Coming World Deception"
File016 Rusty Brementon 'Exorcist' UFOs in Florida.
File017 Frank Marzullo 'Exorcist' Incubus & Sucubus
File018 Tim Williams 'Testimony of an Abducted Christian.
File019 Alan Nord: Reaching the Rainbow.
File020 Jimmy & Scotty Street Ministers in America.
File021 Rev. Chet Coker ...
File022 Steve (Christian Abductee Story)
File023 Geoff Buck: Derek Prince Ministires 
File024 Stewart Hill: MUFON Indiana State Section Director.
File025 John Zaffis: Paranormal Research of New England.
File026 Andy Calder Georgia Paranormal Research Team.
File027 Steve Quayle: Angels and Aliens
File028 Chris, Guy , and Joe. Three Aliens Hunters


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The Exorcist Files
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