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Hygiene Awards

As Seen in Ho! Magazine August 2000

In order to demonstrate our support for those faithful and wonderful people that maintain the latrines at a Gathering, we hereby sponsor the Turkey Feather Trading Post Hygiene Awards.


The Winners Are!


Here is an example of a Latrine for the Sick at the National Gathering in Pennsylvania 1999. Latrines made with a post hole digger and a bucket with a lid are very clean, comfortable, smell great and are very good for older peole with bad knees. Sometime toilet lids can be obtained from an Army Surplus or K-Mart store for less than $5.00.

Harrison and 2 Hawks putting in a Ladies Latrine near Jesus Camp.


Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th Places


The Ten Commandments of a Good Latrine.

1. Hand Wash Available.

2. Toilet Paper in a Waterproof Container.

3. Lime available to put on the payload.

4. Diaper Pail with a lid.

5. Feminine Products Available in a Water Proof Container.

6. Some type of "In Use" Warning System.

7. Modesty Blinds or Tarps.

8. Trench is clean and appropriate.

9. The Site is well Maintained.

10. Is it Easy to Find?

This Latrine is an excellent example: Toilet with lid, bleach hand wash, t.p., lime, and ladies supplies (tampax).

The hole is dug with a post hole digger.


1. Latrines will be judged throughout the Gathering and the Judges will make a final decision the last Saturday of a Gathering. Prizes will be awarded at the sunset heartfire.

2. Prizes will go to the Kitchen or Individual that did the work.

3. Prizes will be on display at the Main Gate.





Name of Kitchen ___________________________________

Draw a map to the @hitter on the back of this form.

Winners will be posted on this page. Photos optional.


The Winners Are!

Disclaimer: We are not the Rainbow Family, we merely minister to those in need.




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